Bookmarks: Canine Stress Signals or Meeting a Dog

Dogs Demystified bookmarks

Bookmarks are a terrific tool for teaching people about dog behavior.  Use them in scout meetings, humane education programs, school safety sessions, and dog training lessons. You may even find yourself passing them out on the stress when people come up to meet your dog.

Canine Stress Signals: 100 colorful bookmarks showing photos of common canine stress signals: lip licking, turning away, mouth closed, half-moon eye, yawning, and shaking off. You'll love having these bookmarks to teach your clients about dog behavior.

Meeting a Dog:  100 colorful bookmarks showing the three steps for meeting a dog: #1. Ask the owner, #2, Ask the dog (and interpret the answer), and #3. Pet the dog. You'll love having these bookmarks to teach clients about how to safely initiate contact with a new dog.

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Dogs Demystified custom bookmarks

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Once you have approved the proof, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive your customized bookmarks from the printer.

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